Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Disney World Vacation!: Day 1

Day 1:  We spent all day on airplanes.  The boys were GREAT!  Since Caleb is 2 now, we had to purchase him his own seat.  So we lugged his convertible car seat throughout the airports with us, and it was 100% worth it!  When he's confined in a car seat, stroller, or high chair, he's able to stay calm, which doesn't happen otherwise.  Nate and I figured out a system to getting on the plane: I would go first with Caleb's car seat so I could install it first thing, Caleb would follow after me on foot, and Nate would bring up the rear with Russell in arm.  Caleb wore his backpack with his feeding supplies and carried his beloved little stuffed doggie.  As we were getting on the first plane, a man in first class said, "That's the best behaved kid I've ever seen."  Yeah, he was pretty cute.

Once we were on the plane that beeping sound kept going off.  Nate told Caleb that it meant that the flight attendants were going to talk to us, so he needed to listen and be quite.  Well, Nate was wrong.  It was actually the seat belt sign going off and on.  So, all throughout our turbulent flight, Caleb would hear the beeping sound and say, "Hello?  HELLO?  HELLO?"  It was SO FUNNY!

They were also having some problems getting the baggage doors to function properly, so we heard a lot of that mechanical sound, like they're screwing a door shut.  To Caleb it sounded like a dog barking, so he kept saying, "I hear a doggie!  I hear a doggie!"  The other passengers heard him and he got a lot of chuckles.  Next time you're on a flight, listen for it!  It really does sound like a dog!

Our second flight started right after nap time, so we were counting on Caleb sleeping for a bit.  But he didn't.  Not one wink.  But he was still very well-behaved.  And he discovered the joy of eating ice.

Russell was rather well-behaved, other than wanting to eat three times during our 4-hour flight.  It may have been the only day during our whole trip where he didn't have a blow-out diaper!  Yay!

We got to Florida very late.  Nana, Great Grandma, and Uncle Colin met us at the hotel for a quick hello before heading off to bed.  It was Nana's and Great Grandma's first time meeting Russell and Uncle Colin's first time meeting either of the boys!

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