Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Disney World Vacation!: Day 2

Day 2:  We went to the beach!  I think the boys were tired of sitting in the car (it took about an hour to get there).  This is what was going on by the end of the drive there:

We had one very tired, cranky, hungry infant and one very sensitive, tired toddler who had a lot of sympathy for the infant.  Every time Russell would start crying, Caleb would, too, and every time Russell would stop crying, so would Caleb.  Russell would cry unless we were speeding up or slowing down for traffic lights.  If we were stopped too long, or cruising too long, he would wail.  There was nothing we could do to make him happy, so we just had to laugh at the situation!  Nate suggested rolling down the windows so all of the other drivers would think we were an emergency vehicle with a siren so they would pull over for us.  We should have tried it.  I bet it would have worked!

Once we got to the beach and fed B. Russ, everything was fine.  :)
Caleb enjoyed having his feet buried in the sand and then wiggling his toes.  He also enjoyed looking for sea shells (there were lots!), watching the sea gulls (there were lots!) and letting the waves splash on his legs.  He didn't like it when the water receded and took the sand out from under his feet, so he would run back up on the beach after the waves came in and were about to go back out.

That evening we went out to dinner with my dad.  We haven't taken Caleb to a restaurant since starting the elimination diet because it just seems cruel to make a 2-year-old sit still and try to behave for an extended period of time while we're eating food that he sometimes wants but can't have.  But we were on vacation and we had no choice.  So we brought lots of his "safe" foods for him to eat in hopes that everything would be fine.  He was so well-behaved!  I was very proud.  But then the saddest thing happened.  The waitress brought us our food and she asked, "Can I get you anything else?"  And Caleb said, clear as day, "I want green beans!"  She looked at us and said, "I can bring him a side of green beans.  It's no problem."  And we had to say, "He's allergic.  He can't."  I wanted to cry.  We trialed green beans before leaving on our trip, but his vomiting increased, so even though he really enjoyed eating them, we had to count them as a "fail" and stop giving them to him.  I hate EE.  :(

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Valerie Hill said...

I'm sorry the restaurant situation came up. I hate it when that happens. It gets easier as they get older, and if you can have some wine or something to dull the moment :) It sounds like all in all you had a wonderful time. Thats what life is all about, those memories with your family!