Friday, May 11, 2012

Remember When...

Remember when I got to change Caleb's diaper for the first time?  He was two days old.  It was poopy!

(Beware: this is not edited.  You will see a baby's bum.  No biggie, right?)

Isn't his cry the most heartbreaking thing you've ever heard?

The nurse said not to lift his legs too high, because in a baby that small it could make the blood rush to his head and cause brain damage.  Scary, huh?!

Can you believe that I actually liked changing his diaper back then?  Two and a half years and hundreds of poopy diapers later I'm a little burned out from the diaper-changing thing.  There should be a quota for the maximum number of poopy diapers a mom can change in one day.  Five...six...that's just too many.

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