Sunday, May 27, 2012

Goin' Shoppin'!

Caleb loves cars.  He loves them more than anything else these days.  He plays with them all of the time.  He uses the space on the entertainment center in front of the TV as a sort of road.  He uses his imagination (which is so fun for me to see!).  This is the conversation that we have many times a day:

Caleb: The red car doing to da store!
Me: Which store?
Caleb: Walmart store.
Me:  What are you going to get at the store?
Caleb:  Kitty cat food!
Me:  Who is going to eat the kitty cat food?
Caleb:...Doggy food!

Well, now when I ask Caleb who will eat the kitty cat food, Caleb can answer, "Captain Hook!"

Meet Captain Hook:

He is a very dark tabby who we "rescued" from the shelter.  He and Caleb have become great friends (Caleb is better with him than I expected!) but he and Meggie are not good friends.  Meggie doesn't mind him, but Captain Hook sure doesn't like Meggie!  He was very easy to litter box train (don't you love that about cats?) and he has taken to sleeping in a box that is tipped over on its side on the stairs at night.  He loves Nate and wants to take his daily nap wherever Nate is.  He's very pretty and rather stinky, even after a thorough bath.  Despite his stinkiness, we think he'll make a nice addition to our family.  :)

This is the conversation that Caleb and I had today while playing with his cars:

Caleb: The big gray truck goin' to da store!
Me: What is the big gray truck going to get at the store?
Caleb: Tummy food!  [That's what he calls the formula that goes through his feeding tube.]

I was so excited to ask Caleb, "who is going to eat the kitty cat food?" and hear him say, "Captain Hook!"  I suppose now that we have a cat we can't depend on Caleb to get the kitty cat food when he goes to the Walmart store.  ;)

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*Alice Anne* said...

Yay! Adorable kitty! I want to meet him! I miss having kittens.