Thursday, May 3, 2012

Disney World Vacation!: Day 3

Wedding rehearsal!  I finally got to meet my new sister-in-law!  She's probably the sweetest person I've ever met.  Caleb was a ring bearer in the wedding, so he got to practice walking down the aisle holding Olivia's (the flower girl) hand.  Olivia was probably the sweetest little girl I've ever met.  I hope I can raise my children to be as respectful and thoughtful as her.  My nephew, Danny, was the other ring bearer, so the three of them practiced walking down the aisle together, and they did such a great job!

After the rehearsal we got ready for the rehearsal dinner at my brother's house.  It was the first time in eight years that all of my siblings were together, so we had family pictures taken!  Since the last time we were together, there have been four spouses added to the family and four nephews born!  Crazy, huh?

Look at this big wonderful family!  (Don't pay attention to how Russell is the only one who isn't matching.  He had little diaper incident just before this.  Well...a big diaper incident.  A really big diaper incident.)

After the pictures we had the dinner.  I didn't eat.  I spent the whole time in the back bedroom trying, with my mom, to assemble a vest and bow tie for Caleb.  It turns out Men's Warehouse doesn't have tuxedo rentals smaller than size 3T.  Caleb wears size 18 months.  But they do SELL tuxedos that are size 2T, and they cost $20 less than a rental!  But it only comes with a black vest and tie.  So we had to make a vest and tie in the right color.  It would have been a simple task if we hadn't had problems with the fabric fraying...and the thread breaking...and the sewing machine tension going all weird....  So it was quite the ordeal.  But I'm happy to say that we ended up making a PERFECT vest and bow tie!  Well...perfect if you don't look too close.  But as long as Caleb had his tuxedo coat on no one could tell!  It worked out quite well.  :)

And if you ever want to rent a 2T tuxedo, I've got one!  I'll rent it out for $5, if you dry clean it afterwards!  ;)

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