Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Disney World Vacation!: Day 4

Wedding day!  Caleb looked so dashing in his tux.  He and his cousin, Danny, were a little bit confused in their roles as ring bearers...they kind of thought they were flower boys.
Those petals are so irresistible for 2-year-old boys!  Thankfully the 6-year-old angel of a flower girl was patient and helpful in keeping them in line.

They made it all of the way down the aisle and climbed the stairs to the top, just like everyone else.  Only, everyone else doesn't have to climb with their arms.  Give the kid a break.  He's short.

And then he came back like a good little boy to sit with us so as not to be a distraction during the ceremony.  This was a relief.  I was worried that I'd have to go chase him down in my heals in front of all of the guests.  But something about wearing a tux made him behave like a little gentleman.

The ceremony was beautiful.  The vows were the most beautiful that I have ever heard.  They made me cry! And I'm a heartless, emotionless, stone of a person, so that's saying something!
My brother looked like Prince Charming and my new sister-in-law looked like a princess!  Perfect for a Disney Wedding.  I can now say that all of the most beautiful women in the world are my sisters!

The reception was amazing in so many ways.  Although there was the delicious food and the fancy venue, I'd have to say that my favorite part was the performing!  My brother and his new wife are both ballet dancers, so their first dance looked like this:
Yep, ballet.  So impressive and fun and unique and entertaining!  

They even took a bow after cutting and eating their cake, which looked like this:
Caleb certainly approved.  He loves WALL-E and EVE.  And thankfully the cake topper didn't break when the table with the cake on it collapsed.  It was all Disney's fault, so they replaced the cake (very quickly, I might add) and gave it to them for free.  How nice!  And how memorable!

They also had choreographed dances for the mother/son dance and the father/daughter dance.  It was quite the production!  So fun!

My sister-in-law changed into her Kimono for the reception.  She grew up in Japan!  They're gonna have some attractive kids, that's for sure!

Russel, the little beau, got to dance with the bride.

Caleb got his dance on, too.

He's come a long way compared to before our trip, when "dancing" was bending at the waist.

 Nate declared that the reception was his most favorite part of the whole trip.  He loved following Caleb around, watching him act like a 2-year-old little man, exploring and having fun.  

Yes, even 2T is too big on my little 2.5-year-old.

At one point he was dancing and he turned around to see the beautiful bridesmaids sitting together at the table.  He stopped dancing, raised his hand next to his face, and waved at them while smiling the most flirtatious smile.

He discovered something new and wonderful: ice.  And the server was kind enough to bring him some grapes, since that was the only thing they had that Caleb could eat and by that point we were running out of food that we had brought for him.

After the typical reception at The Boardwalk, the guests were bused to Epcot where we watched the amazing fireworks from a private patio.  By that point we had two sleeping boys in our arms so we didn't get any pictures.  We tried and tried to wake Caleb up to see the fireworks, but he didn't wake up until they were over half-way through.  He enjoyed the half that he saw, though!  Then we were brought to a private area for a "dessert reception."  It was delish!  Then we were bused back to The Boardwalk where our cars were.    Caleb entertained everyone within earshot on the bus by first pointing out all of the cars he saw ("I see a white car!  I see a red car!  I see another white car!) and second by telling all of his aunts and uncles how smart they are.  "Uncle Wade fart.  Auntie Becca fart."  How can I not be proud of my little boy?  So classy.  So fart.  I mean smart.

We didn't get to bed until 1AM that night.  It was a long, fun, tiring day.  And that night....

...I have one word for you...



Ballet Danseur said...

This is the most amazing recount of our wedding! Thank you so much!

Nana said...

I love the video of Caleb dancing! It was a lot of fun!